Warm Spring weather is right around the corner.

Can I get a witness!

Really, this winter has been hard on all of us, and I for one am ready for some Spring.

So, with Spring in your step,  before you got out in these…


or these…

Dressy Sandals

…you’d better get one of these…

It's a proven fact, pedicures make you sexier!

That’s right fellas,  Man UP!

Guys (and gals) it’s time to schedule that pedicure.

Crazy as it may seem, guys, make a day of it.  Take your wife partner someone you’ve just met significant other and go tag-team those tootsies!

No one wants to see your crusty toenails and nasty feet! 

You’ll feel better, and we’ll all rest easier not having to look at your nasty-been-in-shoes-and-socks-all-winter dogs!