…and apparently I have no other way to do so, or so says a friend of mine. 

Actually she’s said it for years. 

I’d never heard of A.D.D until sometime in the early 1990s, when a friend of mine Karen, in Orlando, informed me that I was most assuredly suffering from this plight.  She even compared me to George Bush, the second one.  Ouch!

Can I help it if my brain really is a computer and thoughts come and go at random. 

Can I help it if it can process more than one thing at a time? 

I’m a regular UNIX machine.

Really, I think it’s a good thing.  Well, at least for me, ah, er, sometimes.

But, it’s a little somewhat a tad really frustrating.

I can’t watch an entire TV show with out switching to another.  Several hundred times.  I read three or four books at once.  I do two or three crosswords at a time.   My mind is always going, even when I sleep.

I have 200+ unfinished blog posts.

And talking –  one topic, get serious, I flit from Kate Gosselin to The Theory of Realtivity in one breath.  Could it be  because she isn’t relevant – no, that’s not it,  those words have nothing to do with one another, oh look a chicken.

See what I mean?

It drives people nuts – an added benefit I might add. 

I think I’ve always been that way.  Seems even as a child, back before A.D.D. was invented discovered, I was, shall we say, “multi-topic friendly”.

One of Mother’s friends, Nellie,  said of me, “That boy could talk the legs off an iron kettle.”  And I’m sure I could.  But then if she’d had something interesting to say, maybe I’d have listened, bless her heart

Everything was so interesting.  I was curious, asking, listening – ok sometimes – and reading.

Information was important.  And sharing that information became a cause.

There really are some ignorant people out there.

My daughter, while in high school, knew that if she had a history question she couldn’t answer, I could, or I could find it in one of the 3,000 books in the house.

My son, already knew it all, so he never asked.

And I’m still that way.  Call me Sarah Palin, but I was writing on my palm so long ago, that when Palm Pilots came out, no one bought me one as I already had one built in.

And I’m the king of the post-it note, napkin, business card back, dollar bill.  I’ll write an idea on anything.

I used to carry a tape recorder, then a digital recorder, but now, I just text myself ideas.

And they come at lightning speed.

My mind never stops working.

It’s frustrating.  I can’t turn it off.  I’ll see – hear – read something and think, “There’s a blog in that!”

Maybe it’s ironic justice that most of my work at school is with kids who have  A.D.D, you know, ther real kind, diagnosed by someone who legally can do so.

Darn, a chicken!

Wow!  Maybe ADD is contagious.

See, there it goes again.  Frenetic.