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…as King Solomon.

You remember him, the wise Israeli King ,who when given a choice asked for wisdom rather than power, riches, or fame.

The son of King David, you know, the shepherd boy who slew the Giant Goliath and defeated the Philistines over and over and over again. 

Solomon, the King and Judge who knew that if he suggested cutting the baby in half, the one the two  harlots were fighting over, the real mother would plead for it’s life and the pretend one would not.

Someone's a lyin' here, I can just feel it!

You know, Solomon of the Bible.  First Kings, Chapter Four to be exact.

Yes, he really existed, he really was that wise, and he really was that rich and powerful. 

He took over the throne in about 937 BC (that’s Before Christ, I don’t use BCE, which is before common era…why leave Jesus out completely?), when his father died.

Now Solomon was the “love child” of David and Bathsheba, it’s not just an Opera, it’s a true story.  David lusted after Bathsheba as she was a skinny dippin’ in her roof-top pool.  Her hubby Uriah was in battle, where Dave should have been, and so hormones a ragin’, Dave put in for a booty call.  When he found out Bathsheba was “in the family way” and that Uriah would know it wasn’t his, he tried to trick Uriah into thinking it was by calling him home thinking he’d have a little bedroom time with the honey.  When that didn’t work, he put him at the front of the battle, where he was sure to be a casualty.

So, after Uriah’s death and Hero’s funeral, David added Bathsheba to his stable of wives, and Solomon became a Prince of Israel.   And later King.

Historians have for years tried to tell us that David and Solomon were “largely mythical and that there was no strong government to speak of in that era.”  But the Bible for hundreds of years has told us that they were real, and that their was a kingdom, and that it was that great.

Now, an Archaeologist has found what she sees a “proof” for the Bible in an ancient wall in Jerusalem.

Really Old Wall

Proof for the Bible…really, you need proof?

Apparently a wall under the Dome of the Rock dates back 3,000 years, the time of Solomon, and it supports the “biblical narrative” about the era. 


This wall is deep beneath the Temple Herod built and the Romans destroyed around 70-71 BC.  The Temple of Solomon was destroyed by Babylonian Thugs when Israel went into captivity back in the day.  Herod rebuilt, Rome destroyed, and they just kept building new stuff on top of it, so finding things is, let’s just say, a chore!

Nevertheless, the style, building skill, and materials used in the wall support the fact that The Davidic and Solomonic Kingdoms were “actually as strong and powerful as the Bible says they were.”  Imagine that!

Seems every one in the Archaeological community is stunned by this finding.

Again, Woopie!

Eliat Mazar, said archaelolgist, says, “It means that at that time, the 10th century, in Jerusalem there was a regime capable of carrying out such construction.”  Ms. Mazar (no relation to Debbie, who was voted off Dancing With The Stars way too early) claims her dig was the first to complete excavation and the first to turn up strong evidence for the wall’s age.

Said evidence:  a large number of pottery shards, which archaeologists often use to figure out the age of findings.

Aren Maeir who teaches archaelolgy at Bar Ilan U near Tel Aviv, says that he as “yet to see evidence that the fortifications are as old a Mazar claims. ”  He says there are remains from the 10th century in Jerusalem, but proof of a strong centralized kingdom remains “tenuous”.  And he added, “There’s a kernel of historicity in the story of King David.”

“This is pertinent and annoying because?”, you ask.

I don’t need science to prove the Bible for me, it’s nice and all.  But I accepted that a long time ago.  If it’s in there, it happened.

So, dig, don’t dig, date, don’t date, I really don’t care.  But since your science is proving God right…don’t treat me like an idiot because I been believing it for a long, long time.

Ok, note to Aren and Eliat.  God called,  He left a message:  “Told Ya SO!”, and He asked that you re-read …

1 Kings 4:1:
So king Solomon was king over all Israel.

You might wanna read the rest, it’s pretty interesting.

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