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Friends of Animals posted an open letter to U.S. figure skater Johnny Weir criticizing him for having fox fur on one of his costumes and asking him to stop wearing fur.

The Fur Is Flying, or Is It Flaming!

Oh, get over it!

The animal advocacy group also contacted his costume designer, Stephanie Handler, on Tuesday.

I’m sure she told them to kiss her grits!

 “I totally get the dirtiness of the fur industry and how terrible it is to animals. But it’s not something that’s the No. 1 priority in my life,” Weir said on Tuesday. “There are humans dying every day. There are thousands if not millions of homeless people in New York City. Look at what just happened in Haiti.

Way to go Johnny!  There are more important things going on!

“I tend to focus my energy, if there is a cause, on humans. While that may be callous and bad of me, it’s my choice.”

Again, way to go Johnny.

I like this guy more and more!

When did animals become more important than humans?

Now, UP is not an animal abuser, and thinks people who are cruel should be dealt with.

But, priorities folks, priorities.

Weir is fashion crazy, and his outfits tend to be – ah – a tad over the top.

This time, he had a smidge of white fox added to the skin tight, shimmering leotard he’s wearing in Canada.  Something tells me that he won’t be the only person in the Frozen Hinterland wearing fur!

Weir said he thought the costume was “lovely,” (Ok, Johnny, butch it UP!)

But alas, the Friends of Animals disagree. They claim foxes are electrocuted or beaten, and their pelts are obtained by skinning the animals alive. 

Priscilla Feral, president of Friends of Animals who supports the boycott of Idaho Potatoes because the Governor hunts and spends her time trying to get people in Ethopia to become Vegans,  says,

Priscilla Feral

“He’s a role model for a lot of people, including other skaters. (I’m guessing he’s a role model for ONLY skaters.)  When he makes fun of the suffering of animals that are consumed for this frivolous fashion industry and whose lives are sacrificed so he can wear little tufts of fur on his outfit, that’s fair game for comment.”

Oh, really!

Skating isn’t a fashion industry, it’s a sport.  One that takes years of hard work and dedication, sacrifice, and effort. 

And, he’s not making fun of animals, he’s wearing them!

 Focus, Prissy, Focus!

Weir finished third at the U.S. Championships, qualifying a second time for the Olympic Team.

Friends of Animals was not the first group to target Weir. He said he’s gotten letters from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and people have sent him videos depicting how animals are treated by the fur industry.

So, they’re all ganging UP on poor Johnny.  And his costumer.

“She (the costumer) did what I asked her to. It wasn’t her choice to make me a costume with fur,” Weir said. “At least directly come to me and yell at me. Don’t attack my peeps.”

Oh, Johnny’s all street now!  Holla!

Weir said he understands the groups’ objections, but he doesn’t share their point of view.

Besides, he’s not the only skater wearing animal skin products.

“Every skater is wearing skates made out of cow,” Weir said. “Maybe I’m wearing a cute little fox while everyone else is wearing cow, but we’re all still wearing animals.”

I’ll bet the Ms. Feral’s shoes are some lovely petroleum based rubber old lady comfort thing!

Johnny thanks for manning UP and taking the heat!

And good luck in Canada!

Oh, yes, to the fur industry, I wear a 44 short and would look great in silver fox.  After all, it’s been a really cold winter in Georgia!

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