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I’ll have to admit, 2010 wasn’t my favorite year.

Yes, there were good times, but alas there were some bad ones too.

January started with an earthquake in Tajikistan, a flood in New South Wales, Australia, and a train wreck in Turkey.

And that was just one day.

Friends of Animals posted an open letter to U.S. figure skater Johnny Weir criticizing him for having fox fur on one of his costumes and asking him to stop wearing fur.

After threats to his life, he caved.  Who wouldn’t?

There was children’s jewelry recalls, apparently they were made with lead!  Who knew?

Georgia ranked in the “top ten” for obesity.   Well, ya can’t swing a cat without hittin’ a Waffle House!

On a high note, France did grow a pair and ban the Burka!!

Tsutomu Yamaguchi died at 93.  He had survived the bombing of Hiroshima and was taken to a hospital in Nagasaki; he survived that bombing as well.


J. D. Salinger died.


So did Teddy Pendergrass.


Erich Segal, the guy who wrote Love Story, well, his story came to an end.


And, regardless of how hard I searched, there was no world peace.

February wasn’t much better.

Liz Taylor turned 78, at least she’s still alive.

Scotty Logo got in trouble for “acting UP” on the street during the Olympics.  Over hype, or just boys being boys?  Either way, Team USA was embarrassed, and he went home early.

I posted about boobs, southern ladies, and bullies.  A few cared.

In a shocking moment, I actually liked something Jay-Z said!

Tony Stewart won Daytona – I was happy, for a moment anyway.

Some scientists discovered that for some, fat is normal.  I was so relieved!

I spent a night in the ER, and got really steamed about people using the R word.  Even the Redneck Mommy liked what I had to say!

Alexander Haig, former General and Secretary of State died, as did Orlando Zapata, a Cuban dissident.  Zapata died during a hunger strike.

Nerdy glasses came back in.

I bought a pair.

Although I could see better, I still couldn’t find world peace.

March brought us the news that our retirement plans probably won’t be enough, Cheech Marin won on Jeopardy, hokey southern nicknames like Bubba, Porky, and Junior went out of fashion, I went to Wal-Mart and no one there liked my tricks to ward off boredom, my ADD kicked in big time, I had a hissy at the Waffle House and blew UP at a jackass who was bashing the schools and dissing the teachers, my Principal even liked that one.

One of my Fasion Fridays really ticked a few moms off!

My rendition of Guy Speak really ticked a few women off.

I posted about the evils of Sallie Mae.

Robert Culp died.  “I Spy” and “Bob & Carol &  Ted & Alice” come to mind.

I Spy

And I couldn’t find world peace any where!

My mom turned 91 in April.  She remains amazing.

I whined about Mondays, outed myself as a lover of Blue Jeans, re-hashed childhood memories like base ball and stuff like that.

I realized I wasn’t middle class anymore.

I posted about Snookie.  No one cared.

I whined about taxes and ticked a few people off.  Apparently, I’m not “patriotic”.  I posted about Spring Break, and really ticked a few people off.

Dixie Carter died.

  Dixie's Dixie

As did Blake Edwards, the creator of “10” , “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and other movies.

By the way, there was no world peace.

At the end of  May I visited my brother and his wife in Virginia.  It was great.


I offered baby name advice to my lovely niece, Jenny, over at MomminitUP;  it was completely ignored.

I went full-time at  CarMax.

Two sisters fought over a lottery ticket, ripping their family apart forever over a few thousand dollars.  Unitards came back in, my son graduated from the Nashville Auto Diesel College!  Whoot!!  The last oil change only cost $33,000.

Speaking of oil, there was a little mess in the Gulf of Mexico.  You may have heard it on the news.


Gary Coleman died.  So did Lena Horne…


… And, there was no world peace, even though we celebrated “Eat What You Want Day”.

I debated the term football.  After all, American Football is football if you ask me.   We were still forced to endure The World Cup the entire month of June.

I was completely Vuvuzelaed OUT!

Jon Gosselin won Ass Of The Week!  Twice!!

I had another birthday.  Still not 60, Jenny!

Since my boob post earlier in the year was such a “success”, I posted about the 100th Anniversary of the Bra!!

Copernicus was “re-instated” into the Catholic Church, re-buried, and essentially re-made.  After all, he WAS right!

The housing market got so bad, even the Clinton’s lost money.

Tight pants on women were banned in Indonesia by Muslim Fundamentalists, and the women’s movement did nothing.

The Giant Plastic Jesus next to the Flea Market in Mason, Ohio burst into flames after being struck by lightning.  I posted about it, my Dad wrote a letter to the editor.  We agreed, he was just more tactful.

Jimmy Dean died, probably 16 Tons of sausage!

Jimmy Dean!

Golden Girl, Rue McClanahan left us too.

Golden Girl

Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia died.

Senator Robert C. Byrd

I went on vacation, posted about it all week long, but I could find no world peace.

In July, I explained what’s UP with UP.  Whined about the YMCA ruining my favorite song by changing their name, got flipped off by a soccer mom carrying a load of kids, posted that I was tired of hearing about some people and was promptly put in my place by Lynn, admitted to my favorite rock girl crushes, gave some work related “advice”, learned that dark people want to be lighter, and light people want to be darker, whined about change in my life, reflected on the fact that my baby girl turned 25, read a good book and shared it with you, whined because my Waffle House was closed for four days…like there aren’t 900 more in Georgia, and I smiled some.

I was accused of being a “know-it-all”, pretentious, and a general smarty pants…I took it well!

Baseball lost a legend when George Steinbrenner died.


I celebrated Red Foreman’s birthday…after all, the man was usually right.  Even with the happiness, there was no world peace.

August brought my 40th High School reunionVVHS 1970 40th

I looked fabulous, and I had a blast!

It was great to see old friends and I milked it for all I could posted about it a lot.  There was advice before, and wrap UPs later.  

I didn’t make it to Glen Beck’s rally in Washington.

Bed bugs were all in the news.  I whined about bad manners.  Everyone had a hissy because the President went swimming without a shirt.  Monday’s started to get on my nerves.  My music was deemed too loud by the Atlanta PD!

George Hamilton and I were both still tan.  And I had my 35,000th blog hit that month.

School started back, and I didn’t.  It was sad, I missed the excitement of the first day.

I did a movie review.   I think I’d like to do that professionally!

Speaking of movies, we lost Patricia Neal, a great actress.  “Hud”, “Days of Wine and Roses”, “The Day The Earth Stood Still”, and “A Face In The Crowd”.  She won the Oscar for “Hud”. 

Patricia Neal

I watched several of her movies, but I still could find no world peace.

September brought us Stella.  Cat-hair casserole was a hit.  The new TV season started, thank goodness.  What a summer of schlock!

I reminded everyone how important Ed Sullivan was and brought back more memories than I ever dreamed.

High School Football started back UP!  YEAH!!

Britney was on Glee!

Yeah, I stil hope she turns out ok…yes, I’ve given UP on Lindsay Lohan, but Britney…still hopin’.


My brother, Charlie had a birthday and I posted about him.  I think he was embarrassed.   Mother and Daddy celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary. 

Macon, GA  WWII

Restaurants not only banned smoking, but screaming children weren’t welcome either. 

I had lunch with Mary after nearly 40 years.

9-11 fell on a Saturday, and I was speechless for once.

I did a book review.  Again!

I was featured in the Lion Magazine since they did a story about my first pair of glasses.  They bought them for me, I was eight.

Tony Curtis died.  

Jamie Lee Curtis, Kelly Curtis, TONY CURTIS, Janet Leigh

So did Eddie Fisher. 


Liz sent flowers.  But I’m sure they brought no world peace, at least I couldn’t find it.

October was bad.

Shelby went to Haiti, which was a good thing, but I worried, expecially when the Cholera Epidemic broke out.  There was scandal in our county.  I was duped by a company, ripped off by someone, made several mistakes, had trouble coming UP with ideas, and Fashion Friday started getting on my nerves!  I can only imagine what it did to you!!

Daddy died.

Flag Ceremony

I found no world peace.

November brought cold weather, dreary nights of Standard Time, and leaves to rake. 

I saw Burlesque with Cher and Christina and  re-read Anne of Green Gables

Prince William FINALLY asked Kate Middleton to marry him.

Can you say BLING?


Eventhough I lost out to Ryan Reynolds for Sexiest Man Alive, I  realized I had a great deal to be thankful for.

There was news all over Atlanta, and I put my two cents worth in.

Dino De Laurentiis, director of “King Kong” died.

King Kong!

Leslie Neilson died.

Funny, funny man!

And baseball lost Sparky Anderson. 


Even though I tried, and my spirit of Thankfulness guided me, I found no world peace.

December brought even colder weather, a brief ice storm, and a fall in the drive-way.  I’d show ya the bruises, but it’s a family blog!

I was annoyed by the WeCanKnow people.  They don’t like me either!  Who knew?

I hit 51,000 hits on the blog.  I was pleased.

I tried to get in the Christmas Spirit, but it was a slow painful process.  I posted my likes, dislikes, and made some people smile.  I made a few frown!  Well, that’s what emoticons are for, now aren’t they?

Brookwood High School won the AAAAA Georgia State Football Championship!

I was thrilled, and I was there!

Don't get too handsy!!

Dandy Don Meredith died.

Dandy Don

…and Elizabeth Edwards died as well after a long  illness.  Hundreds of people shamed themselves by protesting her opinions at her funeral.  Serioulsy, wasn’t it bad enough that she had to endure both the bad behavior of her husband and breast cancer? 

Elizabeth Edwards

My statcounter hit 52,000, I was pleased.

Jonah was born!

Jonah Laton AKA Johan Lefonious!

There was happiness, but there is no world peace!

Maybe next year.

What everyone wants.

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