… is just a few days away!  When did it get so creepy?  Halloween has always been an “evil” holiday, but when I was a kid we didn’t worry about people poisioning our candy, abducting us, or having to have nightmares from all the bad movies that come out around this time of year.

It was fun.  We “trick-or-treated” on “beggars’ night”, went to a Halloween Party at the Baptist Church, that was actually called a Halloween Party, and we wore costumes.  (Daddy, the preacher at said Baptist Church wasn’t all that thrilled with it, but he let us anyway.)

Halloween by definition is All Hallows’ Eve, the night before All Saints Day.  It is supposed to be a night when all the evil of the world comes out prior to honoring the saints. 

Well, who came up with that bad idea?

Was it Satan!  (Really, my appologies to Dana Carvey for that one!!)


But it really doesn’t matter.  Make it fun.  Make it  yours.  Keep it light.

We were clowns, ghosts, witches, Popeye The Sailor Man, Peter Pan, Wendy, Princesses (I was never a Princess), and other cute-child-friendly-nightmare-preventing costumes.  We were never Chuckie, Freddy Krugger, Shaun of the Dead, or Elvis.

Why be so scary.

Yes, in the world we are stuck with, one has to X ray their children’s candy.  And there are some people out there who take it to the limit.  But in reality, it’s just another night for kids to have a good time.

And what the heck is wrong with a good time.

Stop buying the evil, and it might just back off.

Again, I say keep it light.

I usually dress up for Halloween at school.  We have a contest for teachers.  The kids vote for us by donating their “spare change” to the Future Educators of America.  A noble cause that provides scholarships for kids from our school who plan to be teachers.  They raise a lot of money each year, and many of the teachers really get into it.

I’ve been “Malibu’s Most Wanted”.


I won third prize for this one.

I’ve been and EMO Kid.

Paul as an EMO Kid! 2008

I didn’t even place…go figure!

This year, I’m having a rough time coming up with something to top those two.

I’m thinking of going as myself!  That should scare the crap out of them!

Happy Halloween.